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Economic changes as well as big corporations and international markets make the mastery of different languages a decisive factor in obtaining unique opportunities in the business world. Speaking the language of the people we are doing business with opens the doors to a much wider understanding of the reality we are immersed in, whichcan make all the difference between the success or failure of a project.


At Acorn Quality Language Learning we are very aware of all these transformations and we therefore make every possible effort to facilitate the learning process to every business. That is why we put at your service our extensive experience and professionalism when it comes to designing adequate programmes for every industry. Furthermore, we understand the difficulties of balancing professional life with any other project, that is why we are flexible both in our timetables and in the design of courses which are completely tailored to the needs of every business and every person.


  • Objectives are jointly drawn up. The company explains what they need, the objectives they want to achieve and the timing available and then, together with Acorn’s management executive, draw a plan and the best strategies to achieve those objectives
  • Free level test and and personalised academic guidance from the beginning, based on the test results
  • Team of native teachers, qualified and with extensive experience in teaching languages in major companies.
  • Flexible lesson schedule with the possibility to cancel and re-schedule lessons with 24 hour notice
  • Dynamic lessons in small homogeneous groups or as private lessons
  • Practice and activities in accordance with each person’s specific objectives
  • Lessons can be given on site at the company’s premises or at our own premises
  • Monthly reports including both attendance and individual progress reports
  • Media library available for reference or to borrow complementary material to take home
  • Free access to the Virtual Campus where you can complement the work covered during the lessons, extend and share your knowledge, access multimedia materials and continue with your progress from wherever you are. The Virtual Campus allows you to follow the development of the course if, for any reason, you cannot attend your lessons
  • We provide all the necessary documents to needed to apply for the grants that the Government of Navarra offers to SMEs for training purposes


REDUCED COURSE GROUPS Aimed at those professionals who want to improve their language level globally in a contextualised fashion directed at their professional activity. Lessons in small groups, guided by a native teacher with extensive experience in this area, with a timetable and number of lessons decided by the course group.

ONE TO ONE LESSONS. Specifically designed for those professionals who need to additional support for any of the four language skills or who, due to special circumstances, whether a project presentation, a conference, an international meeting or simply a business trip, need to reactivate their language knowledge or to acquire the basics needed for the occasion.

Both group and one to one lessons are offered either at the business’s own premises or at Acorn, in sessions with a minimum recommended duration of 1 hour and for all levels as per the European Framework of Reference.

LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Basque, Chinese and Spanish as foreign langauge



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